How do I find a licensed Canadian pharmacy with a fake Internet Pharmacy

There was a growing concern about fake Internet pharmacies. In fact, the increase in the number of fake internet pharmacy websites has been termed as a "global disaster" by the pharmaceutical industry.

There are two things to point out here.

First of all, there are definitely working unscrupulous con-men fake internet pharmacy sites. You must take care to verify the validity of any online pharmacy before you order them the drug.

Second, we need to have the reports from the pharmaceutical industry with a grain of salt. Big Pharma wants Americans continue to buy "inflated and overpriced" pharmaceuticals or your local pharmacy. This Big Pharma & # 39; s interest (more profits) that you pay top dollar for the drug locally will not buy the drug affordable price by a licensed Canadian pharmacy. Therefore, they use fear to scare you away from Canadian pharmacies and Canadian prescription drugs.

So how do you ensure that you are ordering a genuine Canadian pharmacy and not a fake internet pharmacy?

First, a pharmacy & # 39; s website thoroughly. The site for you in the pharmacy license number, the physical address of the pharmacy and the regulatory body that oversees their operation. Most Canadian pharmacy regulatory bodies have a website that lists the registered pharmacies in their jurisdiction. You can visit the website Http:// in order to find the listing of pharmacies for each province in Canada or to find the regulatory body in the province where the pharmacy is located.

The pharmacy must provide a telephone number on their website to call. The pharmacist must be available to speak to your order. Ask your pharmacist to ask for credentials and the license number. If you want, you can verify this license number of the provincial pharmacy regulators.

Another item to look for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) seal. The CIPA legal organization representing Canadian pharmacy sites that pharmacy services to patients worldwide. Now, seeing this seal on a website is not a guarantee in and of itself. Fake internet pharmacies have been known to hijack the CIPA seal and place it on their website. The only way to check the authenticity of the profile CIPA seal is to actually put the CIPA website Http:// hwy control and use membership functions. The fake online pharmacy site is not listed here.

And the last item to look for in a Canadian pharmacy website PharmacyChecker seal. Pharmacy Checker is an independent agency that verifies the legitimacy of Canadian pharmacies, as well as US and international pharmacies. In fact, the pharmacy may not be published without Google PharmacyChecker seal and Google takes this very seriously. You can check your PharmacyChecker seal provides visitors Http:// evaluation and clicking on the Pharmacy and profiles.

Other than checking out the list of items in the pharmacy & # 39; s website must also verify that the pharmacy requires a prescription from your doctor. Any website that does not require that the recipe is not a legitimate Canadian pharmacy.

Follow these simple rules and you can feel safe knowing that secure ordering medications online is a real, licensed Canadian pharmacy.

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