Math Word Problems How to approach a pharmacy tech exams

The great secret: Do not think about the problem, as long as it does not describe all the factors.

This is too easy, right? But it & # 39; and where everyone gets stuck. Begin by reading the entire question from beginning to end, and decode the most important factor. Then go back and read it again slowly, writing down only the necessary factors. Factors not only numbers, but also things like the sun, percentage signs pm, or whatever will help you keep things straight for you. In addition, well below the numbers above or contact number, which can be added or subtracted, and the set-up of all factions.

Write Equal sign where it belongs

This is critical; The equal sign as the trigger to the brain, it & # 39; ve been taught since the age of 3. grade. Now that the problem is described in terms of an equal sign in its place, the light usually goes, and & # 39; ll start working on the problem. From just hang-ups you'll encounter things like not know conversions and need to convert all the same factors. Even if you write down the factors that bad the first time, you & # 39; ll probably see how to arrange them again, and get started.

Sloppy writing, mathematics is not allowed:

The math success depends on all the factors of writing neatly and organized. When they meet a math word problem, the first thoughts that come into your head to grab a piece of paper to write out. As a note, write neatly and leave a little space between himself lines.Beware: Exam writers prey to bad habits.

When a new practice math word problems in free practice exam, you have to guess three dummy responses. How to do it? It may sound sadistic, but I try to consider what answers would come up if someone is negligent. I think things like a missing factor, or if someone is not in the equation is the rush or the head. Examination writer who writes on the official exams are not the same thing. After all, the exams used to weed out qualified candidates. If you want to pass the exam to practice writing things completely and nicely organized.

When you get to the question that & # 39; and a math word problem.

First of all, relax and know that all the facts are there to solve. Then take a deep breath and follow these steps: Do not try to rush or a short cut

Read at least twice

Describe the only necessary factors

put an equal sign where it belongs

Do the math

Need some pharmacies Tech math practice?

more free help in Math pharmacy technician, locate Http:// . You & # 39; you can find a complete review of mathematical calculations, including the percentage concentration of fractions, algebra, and much more.

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