Perpetual Inventory Systems – A pharmacy plan

By definition, the perpetual inventory systems allow allows the user to make a record of every sale, purchase, inventory and inventory remained & # 39; and cost in real time every day. This process significantly influenced the development of computer software and hardware, and quickly ingraining itself in various industries. The health sector is usually lower than in the business sector is now seeing more and more efficient use of this technology. The focus of the hospital pharmacy inventory adjustment made great strides in the past few years.

Generally, the customers would be assigned a full-time basis to order medication as needed, which would require a physical check of inventory every day. This process included an arbitrary level par and ordering replacement medication once an item dropped below that level. Although this concept is effective from the labor point of view was not only a question of patient safety. Rarely used medicines to ignore the daily monitoring process and was not available in time of need feeding. Questions also arose metering point of view, where some drugs would be ill-equipped, and subsequently loaded incorrectly automated dispensers nursing stations again. However, the implementation of inventory management systems Talyst these issues has all but disappeared.

The concept behind Talyst machine can store, monitor, resign and check all set in a unique location. Inventory can now be tracked with a perpetual way that allows you to display the current inventory reports par levels, costs, and suggested buying directly from wholesalers. In addition, the manufacturer backorders we now know immediately with the expected release date, which will allow pharmacy dose management capable of remaining inventory and better plan alternatives. As an added bonus feature of Talyst system includes barcode scanning capabilities to further enhance the & # 39; and control kit.

New items so reads the unique container and scanned during the dispensing process. This system proved invaluable for pharmacy inventory management is not only a better and more efficient use of labor, but also increase the safety of patients with & # 39; medicine and scanning functions and real-time inventory management capabilities.


accounting purposes perpetual inventory system is enabled management to better understand the associated costs. Reports can be created instantly depicting a snapshot of a period of a few months or a day, depending on what information is needed. This information is essential to the operating budget and to perform within the pharmacy.
In the end, it seems that perpetual inventory systems greatly benefited from a pharmacy in respect of improved control and information readily available.

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