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The pharmacy school interview is an integral part of the application process, including recruitment of staff who already know everything about you on paper, and then you will be able to see how they will fit into the program . This is also the time to interview each pharmacy to school, is preparing to ask questions to the program.

Most pharmacy schools do a good job of making interviews seats are comfortable and not stressful as possible. In general, the current pharmacy students will greet you and talk with you. Take full advantage of this opportunity to loosen up yourself and exercise your speaking skills. By this time you've finished speaking requirement, so now is the time to use what you've learned in the classroom!

Prepare understanding of what is written on the personal statement essay. In addition, it is a good idea to have a general idea of ​​what questions they would ask.

Once you meet interviewers to take the initiative to build rapport / spark a mini-talk (crazy traffic this morning, day, etc.). All the interviewers as much as possible when you are talking and keep eye contact with the person asking the questions between smiles and shared eye contact.

Some General Interview Questions
1. Tell us about yourself
2. What was your favorite / most difficult course in college?
3. Who is your biggest role model?
4. What is the negative aspect of yourself? How you work so you better?
5. Describe a moment he felt proud achievement.
6. Why pharmacy program?
7. What do you want to do after graduating?
8. What do you do in your spare time?
9. Why drugstore, why not find or medicine?
10. What sparked your interest in the pharmacy?
11. What are the key features of the pharmacist?
12. What makes you stand out among others of candidates?
13. What sparked your interest in the pharmacy?
14. Give us an example of leadership.
15. Is there anything you change the undergraduate experience?
16. Describe the importance to understand the diversity in pharmacy.
17. What is the most positive aspect of pharmacy?
18. Give us an example of when you use your creativity to solve the problem.
19. What makes you unique?
20. Where will the 10/05 years?
21. Anything else should we know about you? Yes, [list other positive aspects about you]

Be aware of the issues in health care and the ongoing changes in pharmacy practice, as you may be asked to give an opinion, or some of the questions some of the major events that are going on right now.

another question hypothetical question that the place where the & # 39; difficult & # 39; or ethical situation where you will need to discuss the course of action. Usually there is no right or wrong answers, but make sure you are paying close attention to the question asked not to leave anything out. Take a moment to think about the answer before starting to speak.

Personally, I bought a book to get the right mindset and strategy to answer even the toughest interview questions. I think it really helped to put interviews. My lands check Pharmaceutical University Interview Lens is a link to the actual interview questions and feedback Select all pharmacy school.

Do not stress out, you & # 39; It will be just fine in the interview !!

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